They Shall Not Grow Old (2018)

This is the end. Ninety nine reviews down and just this one to go for the century. It’s been a great journey through the ups and downs of one hundred years of Great War Films. I’ve struggled through the likes of Deathwatch, The Red Baron and Flyboys, but then I’ve also seen the classics, Lawrence […]

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Lost Battalion (1919)

This is my 99th Great War Film and I’m glad to say that I have finally found a decent copy of the 1919 version of ‘Lost Battalion’ to review. I’ve searched for this original version of the Lost Battalion story since I started this blog back in 2014 to the point where I was pretty […]

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Pack up Your Troubles (1932)

As a kid of the early 80s, UK TV had few things to offer me outside of its’ cheaply produced school holiday programming. For six weeks in the summer, two weeks at Christmas and the odd week here and there through the rest of the year I’d be glued to the set watching Junior Kickstart, […]

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La Grande Guerra (1959)

It’s in the nature of pretty much every Great War Film to give you a swift kick in the guts at some point. After all, War is a fickle business and the fates of War spare no emotion as they mete out death and destruction. And so this is mirrored on screen as the fates […]

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