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Welcome to the Great War Films blog. My name is Paul and I have three loves in life (excluding family and friends). In no particular order they are: Movies, the Great War and Cricket. My dream, therefore, is for a film about cricketers in war time. While I’ve been waiting for this inevitability to actually happen I’ve been spending a fair amount of time watching films about the Great War.

The origins of my interest in the Great War are lost in the fog of history. I have early memories of the video for Paul McCartney’s ‘Pipes of Peace’ about the 1914 Christmas Truce and of watching the Australian TV mini-series ANZACs. My Great Granddad died on the Somme, but I don’t think I knew about this until much later. Basically, as far as I can recall, I have ALWAYS been interested in the Great War.

The films of the Great War vary significantly in quality. There are poorly written pro-war propaganda pieces from the early 40’s such as Sergeant York and The Fighting 69th. There are low budget but lovingly produced independents like Johnny Got His Gun and J’Accuse as well as big budget epics like Lawrence of Arabia and Wings.

With the centenary of the conflict upon us, we also have a hundred years of cinematic history to reflect upon. There are early films produced while the conflict was still being fought (and starring combatants who would soon return to the fighting) and there are films being produced to this day. They are date-able by their subject matter and their quality and as you get to know and love them the nuances of their production, the techniques, the stories, the sentiments take on a life of their own. I truly love these films (except for the ones I don’t)

Me? I’m just a guy who has a love of cinema and an interest in the Great War. I spend my days constantly searching for something I’ve not seen, always hoping I’ll find a hidden gem. Dreaming, as I stare at the view out the window of my hillside home, of the day when I get to see that modern epic about Cricketers in the Great War.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wellington, New Zealand.
September 2014
You can contact me at greatwarfilms@gmail.com

9 thoughts on “About Me/Contact Me

  1. Hi Paul! Very pleased to read your comments on King of Hearts – a film that still divides opinions. I’ve been commissioned to write a piece on it for the insert booklet of a forthcoming UK release on Blu-ray/DVD, so I might quote a sentence or two of your remarks. Hope you’re happy with that?



    1. Thanks for getting in touch Philip. I was going to say ‘Go nuts’ but considering the source material maybe ‘Fill your boots’ is more appropriate. I really like King of Hearts so glad to hear it’s getting a re-release. Any restoration?Paul.


      1. Hi Paul,

        Yes, it’s been scrupulously restored, so it looks terrific, and it’s just been released by Eureka. Hope you enjoy it – and my booklet essay too, of course.

        All best


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