The Dawn Patrol (1938)

I’ve been here and done this story before. A while back I reviewed the 1930 version of ‘Dawn Patrol’ and my one sentence review would be that the film was very much of its time. Films coming out of Hollywood at the start of the 30’s where experiments of sorts. Talkies were very much on […]

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Lafayette Escadrille (1958)

William A. Wellman is a name I’ve come across before on my trip through the first hundred years of Great War Films. He got the gig directing ‘Wings’ (1927) because he was the only decent Director in Hollywood with combat flying experience. He’d made a bit of a name for himself since showing up in […]

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Testament of Youth (2014)

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned once or twice before, I’m an ex-pat Brit now living the life of Reilly in the land of the long white cloud. As such I hold a few bits and pieces of classic Britishness very close to my heart which remind me of old Blighty and everything I left behind. […]

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Secret Agent (1936)

Spy films. They confuse me. I know that’s kind of the point and all but the very nature of that confusion just turns me right off. I like a good plot twist just like everyone else but my issue with Great War Spy films is that they tend to have about five super twisty plot […]

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