The Red Baron (2008)

Revisionist. There, that’s it. A one word review, succinct, neat, accurate. Need I say more? Hopefully the answer on your lips is yes. Oh go on then, I’ll give you the full Great War Films experience. There’s something a bit different about Great War Films compared to any other genre of film. They’re all, at […]

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Passchendaele (2008)

I’m holed up in a hotel. Sitting here on the bed, in my pants having just polished off some room service. A sous vide lamb rump if you must know, followed by a funny little pannacotta thing. Totally acceptable to my palate whilst at the same time not being anything worthy of taking a picture […]

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Einstein and Eddington (2008)

What I have in front of me today is another well put together TV movie, similar in quality to ‘My Boy Jack’. And just as with ‘My Boy Jack’ the BBC, in their infinite majesty, have had a hand in its production. My British heart swells with patriotic pride that dear old Aunty is still […]

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