Legends of the Fall (1994)

1994 was a bit of a pivotal year in my life. I turned 18. I’d spent the summer roadying for a band around Europe and returned home to the realisation that I probably needed to get a proper job and sort myself out a bit. I had a floppy set of shoulder length blond curtains […]

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The Lost Battalion (2001)

My house has two lounges, it was one of the main reasons we bought the place. We tend to use the upstairs lounge for entertaining and for family stuff during the day and then we repair to the downstairs lounge after dinner to get the kids tired and settle into a good evenings TV/film viewing. […]

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Wooden Crosses (1932)

It’s fair to say that the experiences of the combatants of the various countries in the Great War each have their signature array of horrors. These experiences, these elements of their story are normally closely linked to a particular battle. In the case of the British forces, that battle is most likely The Somme in […]

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Private Peaceful (2012)

Here’s a film I’ve watched a couple of times since its’ release but never really thought much of if I’m honest. On the face of it, it’s a simple little story covering the same basic ground that a great many other Great War Films cover and without much fanfare or points of difference. It’s based […]

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