J’accuse (1938)

In 1919 French director Abel Gance released his anti-war epic ‘J’accuse’. Having fought in the early days of the conflict, before being declared medically unfit, he knew first-hand what it was like to have death picking at his seams. His film was shot during the dying days of the conflict in 1918, indeed many soldiers […]

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The Road to Glory (1936)

My film today comes with some Great War Film pedigree attached. This is the middle film in a triptych from director Howard Hawks. Starting with ‘The Dawn Patrol’ in 1930 which will get a review at some point, followed by my film today ‘Road to Glory’ and finishing with the slightly rubbish ‘Sergeant York’ Hawks […]

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Company K (2004)

‘History is written by the victors’. Say it to yourself a few times. Maybe even say it out loud if you’re not at work or someplace that it might make you look a bit odd. It’s a Winston Churchill quote by all accounts but no-one really knows for sure. If it wasn’t him then it […]

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