Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

Everyone knows Lawrence of Arabia, it’s one of those films that’s just part of the furniture of cinema history. If it suddenly wasn’t there, magically stolen by some alien civilisation somehow, we’d notice it was gone. The slightly brighter piece of carpet below its spot in the corner of the dusty room where we’d kept […]

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Gallipoli (1981)

Larrikinism The state of being noisy, rowdy, or disorderly. — Larrikin, adj., n. The early 80’s was a halcyon era for Australia War Films. They just seemed to be knocking them out on a production line. My film today was the first in a short line of Great War Films/TV series pumped out, all shiny […]

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Canakkale 1915 (2012)

As I’ve said elsewhere in this blog, I’m an ex-pat Brit living the high life in Nuevo Zealandia, my little piece of paradise (with frequent wet and cold bits). As such my knowledge of the Gallipoli campaign prior to my move here was minimal but it has certainly grown since my arrival. I’ve attended the […]

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