A Farewell to Arms (1932)

It was almost like I was getting withdrawal symptoms. There was a nagging sensation in the back of my head and my hands had taken to shaking uncontrollably. It could mean only one thing. I was suffering from a severe lack of Gary Cooper. I’d become hooked following his turkey noises master class in ‘Sergeant […]

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Sergeant York (1941)

‘Oh no, here comes another early 40’s propaganda flick, cynically bankrolled by the war office or some steel magnate with the express point of influencing the American people into joining up and therefore helping the shareholders get a bumper dividend this year’ I thought to myself as I fired up my poor, slowly expiring DVD […]

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Wings (1927)

None of the usual pre-amble with this one, I have a lot to talk about. Tonight’s’ film is Wings (1927). Now, this is a film that comes with some gravitas embedded deep within. At any point in time there are at least 8 other smaller, less historically important films orbiting it. It drags them in, […]

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