Westfront 1918 (1930)

After commenting at the end of my last review that my intention was to allow myself the pleasure of watching a few classics over the coming weeks in the end I chose the road less trodden and decided I’d go for something new. The hope, as always, being that whatever I decided upon would end […]

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The Blue Max (1966)

Hold on to your hats, switches on, contact and chocks away, we’re going up diddly up up for another adventure in the skies. Join me as I slip on my goggles, scarf and wool lined leather jacket and make for the heavens. My film today is another in a long line of films that focus […]

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Zeppelin (1971)

One of the reasons for my interest in the Great War is its diversity. The war was fought all over the planet and the nature of the fighting was shaped by the terrain that it was being fought over. It was, of course also fought in the skies and on the seas. There are relatively […]

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