Mata Hari (1931)

Happy New Year fine reader. Before I kick off I’d firstly like to thank you for popping by to read these reviews. Since I launched this wee foible of mine in late July 2014 I’ve cleared 2000 views from all over the world. The experience has shown me that it’s not just me who has […]

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Civilization (1916)

Looking back over my last few reviews I realised I’d been focussing purely on films produced in the 21st century. This was not intentional but was something that needed to be addressed. With this in mind I have hatched a plan. Using some gaffer tape, a lemon and two sheep I have invented a time […]

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Forbidden Ground (2013)

Here’s another one of those films I knew nothing about prior to my initial viewing. It was just a name on my list, it sat there for quite a while as I tried to source a DVD. The sense of anticipation was palpable when I finally bagged a copy and the complaining DVD player fired […]

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