The Road to Glory (1936)

My film today comes with some Great War Film pedigree attached. This is the middle film in a triptych from director Howard Hawks. Starting with ‘The Dawn Patrol’ in 1930 which will get a review at some point, followed by my film today ‘Road to Glory’ and finishing with the slightly rubbish ‘Sergeant York’ Hawks […]

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The Water Diviner (2014)

This review has been a slightly different experience for me. Normally I’m stuck at home, on my own with either the DVD player or my laptop being the source of my Great War Film viewing. This time I’m sitting slap bang, dead centre in the middle of an actual cinema watching a Great War Film […]

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120 (2008)

A while back I reviewed a Turkish Great War Film called ‘Canakkale 1915‘. I was hoping I’d enjoy the Turkish perspective on the Gallipoli campaign. I expected it would show a nuanced viewpoint and shed some light on how the Turks viewed their part in the conflict. I was expecting to get a bit chin […]

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Beneath Hill 60 (2010)

To round out my journey through 100 years of Great War Films I gave myself three movie options. Was it to be ‘Private Peaceful’, ‘Warhorse’ or ‘Beneath Hill 60’? Having previously seen all three, what I was really asking myself was did I want to finish on a flourish and go out with a bang […]

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