The Water Diviner (2014)

This review has been a slightly different experience for me. Normally I’m stuck at home, on my own with either the DVD player or my laptop being the source of my Great War Film viewing. This time I’m sitting slap bang, dead centre in the middle of an actual cinema watching a Great War Film […]

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120 (2008)

A while back I reviewed a Turkish Great War Film called ‘Canakkale 1915‘. I was hoping I’d enjoy the Turkish perspective on the Gallipoli campaign. I expected it would show a nuanced viewpoint and shed some light on how the Turks viewed their part in the conflict. I was expecting to get a bit chin […]

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Canakkale 1915 (2012)

As I’ve said elsewhere in this blog, I’m an ex-pat Brit living the high life in Nuevo Zealandia, my little piece of paradise (with frequent wet and cold bits). As such my knowledge of the Gallipoli campaign prior to my move here was minimal but it has certainly grown since my arrival. I’ve attended the […]

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