Legends of the Fall (1994)

1994 was a bit of a pivotal year in my life. I turned 18. I’d spent the summer roadying for a band around Europe and returned home to the realisation that I probably needed to get a proper job and sort myself out a bit. I had a floppy set of shoulder length blond curtains […]

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The Big Parade (1925)

I’ve seen ‘The Big Parade’ before but couldn’t remember too much about it. In my experience this is a portent of doom. A film so instantly forgettable that none of the characters faces let alone the story had left a smudgey footprint in my memory. I flipped quickly through some random points in the film […]

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The Fighting 69th (1940)

If I had to name one event that had the biggest negative influence on the quality of Great War Films it would be the 2nd World War. Either through the direct influence of Governments or indirectly by the drive to produce patriotic content, the films of the late 30’s and early 40’s almost universally suck. […]

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Wings (1927)

None of the usual pre-amble with this one, I have a lot to talk about. Tonight’s’ film is Wings (1927). Now, this is a film that comes with some gravitas embedded deep within. At any point in time there are at least 8 other smaller, less historically important films orbiting it. It drags them in, […]

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